Hydroplanning until dark (9:40pm) last night,,,love these summer nights!!!

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Hydroplanning until dark (9:40pm) last night,,,love these summer nights!!!

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I could'nt get work off on Weds...yesterday. So, when I finished work at 6:00 pm I went for it! I knew there'd be good quality wind until dark.

So, I drove one hour to Waseca and there were whitecaps and good wind. I rigged my 6.3 Ezzy Tiger and used the 115 l. Tabou Rocket.

Some German dude (says he's here on Business) tried to talk to me while I was anxiously rigging. He wanted to know where he could "Kiteboard."

I told him to "Seek out" Lakawa on the internet. I told him Lakawa is the "Only" place he'll be able to get "hooked up" with Kiteboarding in Minnesota.

I sailed powered up for 1 hour and a half. It was WELL worth it. I sailed in just my swimsuit. Water and air was warm.

Windsurfing on the Rise always!

Quetzalcoatl out.
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