on the road West of Omaha for a Perfect windsurf Swap...

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on the road West of Omaha for a Perfect windsurf Swap...

Post by Quetzalcoatl »

On Oct. 31st (Holloween) I drove to York, Nebraska (one hour west of Omaha) for the purpose of

Swaping a Board for a Sail! YEah! Yeah that's right. My Tecnho (yellow) 133 liter for a brand "NEW" Ezzy 9.5 Cheetah sail!

It was fun driving 80 mph all the way from Rochester to York Neb! and back home by 10:00 pm Sunday night,,,in time to get some sleep

For work the next day. John P. had just finished his Summer stay in Hood River and said we could meet in Nebraska for the Swap. He's now on his way to Florida in his mobile home and he's pulling his big windsurf trailor with 30 boards tied onto it! It's quite a site to see and it's a great way to promote the sport!

So that's what we did. He's happy with the Techno 133 (which is also very adaptable to windsurf foiling) because it has a deep tutttle box.

Well that's all folks!

Quetzalcoatl out.
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