Skygirl save old story

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Skygirl save old story

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I was looking though some files and I found this story I had typed but never posted.

I went to Hatters a few springs ago and Did some riding with Skygirl. This is the story of her save.

Eric Stone dropped by on his way to South Padre for the summer. I was able to ride with Eric and Chris Hollywood a local awesome riders the both of them.

Skygirl, Eric, Scott, Chris, Chris’s Friend and myself went ocean side for a downwinder I’d say about 6 to 8 miles. Winds were about 25 to 30 NE. Skygirl launched first as to make sure she wasn’t over powered. She left the beach looking good. The rest of us finished rigging and hit it. Skygirl got out front a bit so the rest of us charged downwind a bit to catch up. This is something that I’m actually really good at. Eric and Chris were tearing it up Skygirl was looking good; however, she seems to have an on going problem with her kite inverting. One time her kite inverted then started doing the classic flap dance. We all saw this and proceeded over to help out. Eric was on scene first and myself Scott and Chris positioned our selves about 100’ upwind with 100’ spacing ready to charge in and do whatever was needed. Eric tried to flip the kite but was unable too. By this time Skygirl’s kite was at the outside of the window inverted and pulling out to sea. She eventually pulled the chicken loop release. The kite still kept its form and was dragging her. I guess she couldn’t get to the leash release to release or just couldn’t get a position on it due to the dragging. Kudos to Eric for getting in there and pulling her release. The kite was free. Eric proceeded to grab the kite. Great job man good riding! Scott went back and grabbed her board. We must have been about a 1/2 mile out. She got to shore in one piece.

Next time anyone sees Eric Stone buy that man a drink.

All in all Hatters is some of my favorite riding.

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