Wind Wings aka Wings

Wings are growing quickly for good reasons:

– fast learning curve

– inexpensive

– offers another great way to stay active outdoors for all ages

Learn how to care for and use your Wing while taking an excursion. In two hours you will have mastered the do’s and don’ts of the sport and be prepared to go out on your own. Beautiful boards, amazing entertainment. You will enjoy seeing the distance you can cover and the time it takes. The lion’s portion of the class you end up riding. Be prepared for 30 minutes of the intro along with Q & A then I’ll send you off to explore:)

You know you are getting a workout but it’s so new and fun that it somehow doesn’t become the focus. Maybe that enters the equation after doing it a while:) The wind plays a factor in how you enjoy the experience. 

Class is $100 ea. Up to 4 in a group. 2hrs. Email for schedule, locations, and questions:

Wings stocked and available for purchase.