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Twice a year Lakawa Kiteboarding heads down to Texas to ride during our “off” months – November and April. These are also the best months for winds in the southern tip of Texas. These trips offer something for everyone. Riding day after day in steady winds allows riders of all abilities to progress quickly and take their riding to new levels. It’s a fun week(s) of riding, big feasts to rejuvenate, and hanging out in the sun with a group of great people. In recent past trips we had a professional photographer, massage therapist, Yoga, huge group dinners, pro riders join us from Naish and Best, new gear Demos from Best and Slingshot and a bonfire on the beach. We also organized a 7 mile down-wind ride in the lagoon of shallow waters for North and South winds; imagine riding for 1-2 hrs non-stop never needing to work your way back up wind. Considering getting a chef for the house this trip…

Take some time off, warm up, and advance your skills in unparalleled fashion.  It is unforgettable happy times.  We take care of the administrative details for a small fee of $300 so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying. Anyone can play the game of narrowing in on best flights and room. We funnel a large group to enhance your experience, drive your cost down and have the trip of a lifetime, review some of the video’s of last trips to see for yourself. Come discover why this trip is an annual staple for so many riders. Our on location guidance, daily plans, video/photography and experience can’t be matched, plus we usually have gear we are eager for you to try:)

South Padre Island is a barrier island that runs along the Texas coastline, 6 miles offshore, from the southern tip of the continental US to Corpus Christy. The body of water that lies between the island and the mainland is shallow with minimal chop and runs for 80 miles to the North.

The town of South Padre is on the southern tip of the island. The town is set up to accomodate the nearly 100k college students that choose SPI as their get away for spring break (note: avoid March in SPI). The rest of the year the island is pretty quiet. There is an abundance of restaurants, shops, etc.

April and November are usually warm in South Padre. Daytime temps average in the 80’s. Most of the time riders are in just shorts. Wetsuits are recommended. A cold front can quickly cool down the water in the Laguna because it is so shallow. Evenings can get cool so long pants and a fleece are recommended.

April and November are the months with the most consistent winds on the Island. The winds can vary significantly though. Some trips we’ve been on our big kites almost exclusively and other trips we’ve had winds well above 30mph. Bring everything you have.

Riding conditions
Padre offers it all. Flat water or waves, the choice is yours. The island is not more than a half mile wide with the flat laguna on one side and the Gulf on the other. Depending upon the day and the wind direction, you may be able to warm up in the flat water then drive to one end of town and do a downwinder in the waves back to the hotel or house. Padre can offer some really user friendly waves, and with miles and miles of beaches, the exit points are endless.

Whether you’re just starting out, or working on dialing your first 360, Padre island is the place to take it to the next level. Having the ability to learn in ideal conditions of warm endless shallows, day after day, speeds the learning process significantly. We work with Air Padre for local support. Lakawa can help you with instruction but if you need gear, repair, or local swag Air Padre is your place.

We typically stay at hotels on the island or a house. We like to be close to the riding (2 miles away), and try to keep the cost down as much as we can. Most hotels offer a free breakfast and happy hour. Hotels and houses have wireless internet access. Pricing is for double or triple occupancy. The last few trips have been in a very accomodating 3 story 5 bedroom home with granite countertops, 3.5 baths, beds for up to 14 people, tile floors and bathrooms, custom cabinets, full kitchen, laundry and a garage which suits us well for all our gear. Since we market for the trip the cost per person per day is less than most of the hotels on the island but with greater options. The environment of the house is far better than the unknown events happening at the hotels. Plus, conversation and knowledge regarding technique, gear, daily video/photo review, etc, can only best be experienced in the house.

Local Transportation
We usually rent as many SUV’s or Minivans as we need. Once on the island all trips are quite short, but having more than one vehicle allows people to go different directions as needed. Again, since we funnel the marketing efforts we are able to lower the all rental costs.

If you have the energy at the end of the day, there is minimal nightlife on the island. Most find that after a long day of riding in the hot sun, a big dinner and maybe a cold one, that the bed calls out their name pretty early.

Most recent trips since Nov 2011 have been catalogued in Facebook along with YouTube. Social sites have allowed great collaborative pages now being used too since April 2013.

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Trip Dates:

– Fall: Oct. to Nov

– Spring: April


$950-1250 (depending upon number in group and airfare when booked.)

Includes organizing fees and:
Up to 18 days/17 nights Accommodations. If you can’t stay the whole time come for some and I’ll adjust your bill accordingly!
Airfare: Round trip to Harlingen TX or Brownsville TX.

Local Ground Transportation

A “kitty” we all add to for meals and house supplies is great for keeping us all fortified. Last trip we had leftover $$ in the kitty. It was a perfect way to end the trip by getting money back:)

Which weekend works for you? Or you can join us for the whole time!

A $400 deposit is required to hold your spot. The remainder is due 1 week before we leave. You may pay below with a CC, by Paypal, Wells Fargo Transfer, or send out a check.

Contact us with any questions.

That last organizational morsel that makes or breaks it:
Need new gear for the trip? We can use our connections and put together packages that bundle equipment purchases with the trip cost to save you some $. Contact us for more details. 

Baggage fees have been a perennial excersise in creativity.  The success of getting your gear through without being charged extra baggage fees is consistently inconsistent.  If you wish to avoid the mystery of whether or not you will be assigned an extra gear/baggage fee of somewhere around $65 – $125 each way (past experience) or to pass on trying to find the right “golf bag,” coordinate your shipping items with us and we will ship them. You will want to bring every kite you can.  This also helps with space in the rentals from the airport.  Shipping fees to be added to your bill. Services