Lesson Gear
When we set out to find our school gear we had some pretty simple requirements:

Durable: not hard to imagine how hard new students are on gear

User Friendly: complicated, finicky, radical gear would just make our jobs more difficult and take longer for you to have fun.

Performance: we need kites that will perform just like the kites that our students will eventually buy. Teaching them on kites with “training wheels” would just make their first session on their own gear a whole new challenge.

After looking at many options we choose the gear that we ride all year long. Slingshot products are the most durable in the industry; just right for our rocky, tree lined launches. They believe that performance doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of fun, and their whole lineup is designed for year round enjoyment.

In 2006 a completely new type of kite was introduced. All manufacturers have at least one in their lineup. This new type of kite is safer, easier to learn on and has so much range that one kite can replace what in the past was called a quiver of kites. These “bow” or “Flat” kites have revolutionized kiting. Beginners love them, we love them, pros love them. If you are thinking of riding year round, we highly recommend you consider one of these new kites. The School uses all the latest in technology to help you succeed safer quicker. The new season of 2012 kites have already come in and been put to the test (I love product testing!). You will enjoy what we have selected.

In our Winter Session, the majority of the riding is done on foils in the classes. Toward the end of the class if you want to try other types of kites you may if they are available. We have an assortment of kites to help you understand what each has to offer.

If you want instruction on traditional “c” kites, let us know and we can work something out.

SEA DOO GTX Personal Water Craft
We’re not big fans of Jet skis in general, but we know this is the only way to provide the level of service we seek. This big 3 person watercraft, allows us to stay with you, haul you and another back upwind after the wind wins and you end up down wind.

Larson Boat LXI with 7 foot tower
Like the Jet ski, but we know this is the best way to provide ideal service. The professional “Fly’n High” 7’pylon better represents the pull angle of a kite. In this manner you can best develop your boardskills which are critical for navigating. Most important skills are getting up then riding switch.

Radio equipped Helmets from Head Zone
These are super slick. We’re in your ear every splash of the way. The sealed components are controlled via a magnet through the housing. Everything is waterproof and rugged.

Have you ever read a product description that didn’t say ” this is the best XXXX ever” ? We believe the only way to decide whether what we have to offer is what you want, is for you to try it. We’ll be giving free demos to riders thoughout the region throughout the year. Find us, tell us what you want to check out and we’ll hook you up.* We’ve got the majority of the Slingshot lineup for you to try.

*Demonstratable riding skills required first.