White Bear Today

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White Bear Today

Post by windthrash »

Out at Belair today, around 4:30 PM, I was in a rush to hit the water. I was rigging and Pam showed up too. I was first to hit the water. It was up and down for the wind for a while, and along came some amazing wind. With that, I did not see the distant storm that was oncoming, and I got high-sided by a wave when the wind was on a steady climb. I was officially down for the storm. It was raging at an estimated 40 mph, and there were good rollers out there besides the white-cap haven just off the island. I was trying to get my 6.75 Naish sail out of the water and could not control it it because my board kept flipping onto me. The wind began to fall and I finally made it to shore. Pam and another woman were waiting by the round building and were amazed that I was back.
I do not recall the other woman's name, but she rigged her gear and she and Pam joined me in the water waiting for wind. We were talking and then we saw some darkness in the distance. By now it's about 5:30 PM and we were off on some good runs. We knew another storm was coming, but with what wind? :( So we made short quick runs to be safe. By now it was pretty dark and the wind was on a slow climb. :D So we made a run, and I was sailing past Pam and the other sailor, then Pam made a QUICK jybe and headed for shore. I got a couple nice tugs at my sail and I made the fastest tack of my life and saw the other lady go down! :shock: I was already absolutely out of control just trying to make it to shore. People on the beach were running for their cars, and I realized I made it back! I was so happy and I looked through all the white caps and just barely saw her through the waves. She had already given up, and her gear began to flip and tumble, she just tried to make it to the beach down the way. I looked across the lake to see what looked like fog coming off the water, lines of spray-up that would then shoot into the air twisting madly! It was the coolest sight I've ever seen! The wind was still climbing and at a guaranteed 40+ mph. Then, the downdrafts hit us with the streaming spray-up and it hurt like hell! The waves were a 2-4 foot range in a tumbling cycle in the lake. I estimate the wind at times to reach 60 or even more in some of those "Gusts". :shock: But I was just standing by Pam, trying to stand through the waves hitting our backs and barely hanging onto my gear watching the other lady just luckily make it to shore! Just then the wind began to fall and the sun came out revealing the beautiful twisting, gnarly looking clouds above as well as the white lake. Then the wind just dropped to nothing, and the
I just looked at her in absolute suprise, and she said it was one of the coolest, and craziest moments of her life out there! Just another experience to add to the many. I thought it was cool, and it was only us three out there. What a day! :D
But that's my interpretation of the eventful late afternoon today... Hope some others had a great day too!
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Re: White Bear Today

Post by palmby »

i know this isnt a sailing board, but after reading this post a couple times i am 99% sure that may 17th was the day i put my mc scow in last year. i was rigging up at ramsey with my boat in the shallows when the wind started to pick up. i looked out across the lake and saw a few other craft out there, including a pair of arc22 cats that had just rigged and were running home across the lake. i decided i should probably get going, so i hopped in the boat and set off on a broad reach. having been the first trip out on the boat for the season, some of the sheeting and rigging was tangled. as i came in off my rail to handle it i developed a pretty steep heel - no big deal, got the tangles out and all was well. the wind started getting kind of shifty, and as i hiked back out, i got caught - a puff hit right up my stern and put my boom deep into the water, squaring up my sail with the wind, and rolling me. at this point i was far enough off shore i figured i should just right the boat and try to make it home. given that the weather had been nice and it was may, i had a rash guard and boardshorts - no fowl weather gear, no insulation. needless to say, the water was cold.... not wanting to take the time to spin the boat into the wind to right it, i waited for a lull come and got the boat back up, but before i could get it controlled another shifty gust came in, with the main sheet caught around the tiller. needless to say, the boat went over again. my second cap caught the attention of a pontoon that was steadily making its way toward me - they offered help but there wasnt much they could do, i turned the boat into the wind, righted it again. at this point the adrenaline high kicked in (that or early hypothermia...) and i took off, jybed, ran down wind and shot for the channel. by the time i got to the channel i was right in the middle (clean HEAVY wind at this point) and i was surfing my mc in 4+ft swells. luckily the hull was short enough that every time my bow went into the trough of a wave, my sail dumped tons of wind out the top and my bow would pop right up the next wave. it was the scariest day on the water ive ever had, and that boat has gotten me in and out of some hairy stuff. i headed home to the mahto beach area, dropped my sail a ways out from the dock - the troughs were shallow enough my boards and rudder would have hit in close to the dock - and swam it in. i got it up on the lift and ran inside as i was absolutely frozen (remember - may). by the time i had dry clothes on and a leinies in my hand, regaling the family and friends gathered at the house with an epic story, the wind had died and sun had come out. it seemed like it just built, built, built, died... it was unbelievable. thinking back, it was a lot of fun, but i wouldnt do it again on purpose. as if i had any idea what i was getting into in the first place...
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