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Kite Repair

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Holes, tears, chips in the board and/or fins, and general repairs are needed. Weather you have a hole in your bladder, tear in your canopy, tear in your leading edge, or all the above you can get your kite to me and I'll get you fixed. Average turn-around time for repairs is 1-3 days. I'm toying with the idea of a motto for this part of the business: "Keeping kites in the air."

Since 2004 I have done most everything you can do to a kite:) I've learned professional repairs make a difference. Let us use our experience and professional services to take care of you. You will be pleased with the repair, guaranteed. Contact for list of already satisfied customers.

All kite needs provided with OEM parts and industry supplies like replacement valves, pump gauges, Rip Stop sail tape, Tear Aid, Dacron Tape, Pigtails, Ronstan Bridle pulleys, Leader Line, and more.