Mental Thoughts of an eager newbie.

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Mental Thoughts of an eager newbie.

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Tighe asked if I would write about my exprience tonight, so others may learn from my mistakes... so here are the random thoughts leading up to my shameful post.

-Oh boy, summer's coming better start looking for a kite. The little 4m foil from this winter just isn't going to do it.

-oh here is a perfect setup for sale, and the owner is my size. this will be perfect!

-ok, he's in portland. no problem, no instant gratifaction, but a great deal.

-hmm, ok a month, still no kite... hmm, water's getting warm... come on!

-YEAH, FOR JOY, my kite is here. let's check out the Lawaka forums and find out where people are riding.

-"Hi, i'm a newbie! where do i ride?" "you should get a lesson first" "what?! no i flown a 4m foil before!" "well, get a helmet at least" "ok, will do"

-yeah, winds are going to be up tuesday! better get to bed early, get to work early, and get out early...

-WOW geez! i am so excited, i have like checked the forum, the wind charts, and just about everything else i could find, i am just so excitied i could scream!

-ok, out to the lake. unfold kite, pump up kite. unroll lines, where does this line go? ask someone, helpful guy, nice. ok, check. hmm, wonder if this is going to be different than my 4m. wind's kinda strong, better ask someone. another dude, "what, you're a newbie? you shouldn't launch today. i'd wait" "what?! but, but, but..." ah shucks... ok.

-put away the 13m, hey, i have my 4m here. let's play w/ that!

-doo-dee-do, this is all confusing, 4 lines, 2 lines, 5 lines... wtf?

-ok, this looks right... give it a tug... WTF! HOLY SH-- IT'S OFF LIKE A ROCKET. OH CRAP, PEOPLE!!! i hear a "argh!" from the crowd, he knows this ain't good. and i do too. BAIL, BAIL, BAIL... CRASH! Whew! no was hurt. but my pride. what the hell did i do wrong? "looks like the lines were hooked thru here" says the guy who ran to catch and hold down my kite (THANK YOU, btw). yep, they were. in my nervous antisaption, i didn't take my time to check my rig properly, I didn't ask for help till it was too late, and i went out without having a lesson.

-man, that was DUMB! but, but, but i thought it would be easier than that! MAN! this is was the dumbest thing i have ever tried, without the proper education. NEVER, will i think i am smarter than a sport i have never tried before.

-so i am signed up for the next kite school, but a little to late. DON"T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. it's worth the money, because injuries, accidents and mayham will only hinder our sport.

hope that wasn't too long.
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