KaaaaBooooom! SuperSickSunday!

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Professor Robae'
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KaaaaBooooom! SuperSickSunday!

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Wooow. :shock: Check out the 2 day (4-18-04 wind) history for Faribault,
1:55 PM 80.6 °F / SSW 26.5 mph / 42.6 km/h 42.6 mph / 68.5 km/h
2:15 PM 82.4 °F / SSW 27.6 mph / 44.4 km/h 39.1 mph / 63.0 km/h 2:35 PM 84.2 °F / SSW 31.1 mph / 50.0 km/h 41.4 mph / 66.7 km/h
2:55 PM 84.2 °F / SSW 28.8 mph / 46.3 km/h 43.7 mph / 70.4 km/h 3:15 PM 84.2 °F / SSW 29.9 mph / 48.2 km/h 43.7 mph / 70.4 km/h
3:35 PM 84.2 °F / South 28.8 mph / 46.3 km/h 43.7 mph / 70.4 km/h
3:55 PM 84.2 °F / SSW 32.2 mph / 51.9 km/h 41.4 mph / 66.7 km/h
4:15 PM 84.2 °F / SSW 36.8 mph / 59.3 km/h 46.0 mph / 74.1 km/h
4:35 PM 84.2 °F / SSW 25.3 mph / 40.7 km/h 43.7 mph / 70.4 km/h
4:55 PM 84.2 °F / SSW 28.8 mph / 46.3 km/h 44.9 mph / 72.2 km/h
5:15 PM 84.2 °F / SSW 29.9 mph / 48.2 km/h 47.2 mph / 75.9 km/h
6:15 PM 78.8 °F / SSW 36.8 mph / 59.3 km/h 50.6 mph / 81.5 km/h
6:45 PM 78.8 °F / South 32.2 mph / 51.9 km/h 50.6 mph / 81.5 km/h

Very Serious Pressure! Images from today at Cannon: Arriving at 12:30 and having Randy J. say, "Good timing, it just went 4.5 to 4.0" Sweet!!! Perfect direction for Cannon, swells were jacking nicely. Wind continued to build as the afternoon went by. Full powered Bliss, Air & Turns galore! Surely I can't be overpowered on my rarely used 4.2 :? Liquid smoke becoming more and more common. The smoke starts shooting so hard that is stinging my face. Waves are jacking huge!!! :roll: My face feels like rubber as it vibrates wildly in the 40-50+ gusts. :o Okay, Okay, I give :!: I go in and rig my verrrry rarely used 3.7 :lol: I witness a guy attempting to rig a smaller sail, it rips out of his hands and blows right across the road. :x :roll:
As I'm heading back out Ryan, one of Randy's son's tells me he just saw the roof blow off a garage or house just to the East of us. :? Now it is seriously pumping :!: My 3.7 still feels huge, but what the heck, I give it everything I've got. :twisted: It's so windy that it is downright dangerous to jump. Suddenly, I notice that the sky has gone from clear, full-on sunshine to quite hazy, then to downright dark. :? Only 3 of us left on the H2O now and we're all getting worked. Got to keep going, this is so rare. :x Now I'm the last one out and it has gotten even windier and darker, very eerie all of the sudden...
Then I see it: A white squall a half mile upwind :( A solid wall of liquid smoke maybe 60' high. It was very white in color compared to the very dark clouds behind it. Easily 60+ in that sucker, maybe 70+? Tornado :?: :shock: :!: I suddenly had a very severe quake & pucker :o , tucked tail & bee-lined it back to the launch. Thanks to the dude that helped me wrestle my gear back onto shore, that was not easy. I had to laugh when Scott C. looked at me in the parking lot and wondered, "What if the public dock (which is directly upwind of us) gets airborne?" :? Then I looked at the vicious beating that dock was taking and decided, "I'm out of here dude!” What a day! :wink:
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dave t
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That guy was me. Your welcome.
There was nobody to help me and I had just spent a few minutes using all my remaining strength fighting through that same pass.
My board caught wind and was totally pinned to the trees. I was afraid that if it dragged it back, the tip would just fold.
I was so spent.
What a day! I was really wishing for something littler than 3.7 and an 87 liter 262.
Swap's comin' soon. guess I should make a list.
I saw one of those heavy roll-a-docks flipped over on shore on my way down the road then, like Scott, had the gas pedal just off idle at 80 all the way home.
Eric S
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god that sounds insane guys. There not much room for mistakes at that launch with all the cars and gear near eachother.

Put that one in stories. I really like the part about the approaching wall of water. I was getting afraid just reading about it!
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