Gails of November.....(Best wind season in Minnesota)....

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Gails of November.....(Best wind season in Minnesota)....

Post by Quetzalcoatl »

I can't wait for November when the winds "really" kick up!

November seems lately to be our best "windy" month. Put on a good dry suit, wear mitts and boots (and Hood)

and you're in for a nice Surprise! Wow, that's two months away yet. Well, guess I'll just have to put with with 70-80ish temps and

mild wind like today, (22ish mph wind). I hope you get out today because I can't. I'm stuck at work.

Just as a side note, Back in Dec. of 2020, I windsurfed twice in December on Lake Pepin, (Roadside, upstream from Lake City).

On Dec 12th, my board iced up and it was too slippery! I never felt cold but it just wasn't good to be slipping and sliding so much on the board.
Then in Dec. 20th I had a nice late afternoon Sesh at same location.

Windsurfing on The Rise, Siempre!
Quetzalcoatl out.
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