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John: The board your are using should be sailed in maybe 10 to 25 mile per hour wind. I think what you wanted to do was, go upwind to dish the wind off when you were overpowered(not round up). The board you had has too much volumn to be responsive to going up wind when the gust hits. Unfortuntally, this sport is a series of stages, where one sails a big board in light wind, and works up to sailing small boards in big wind. And the conditions you were sailing in required a small board. I do not think you could have done anything different than you were doing with the rig you had. Another problem is learning to windsurf in Minnesota. Most sailors have taken windsurfing trips to Texas, the Gorge, Carribean, etc., to learn how to sail. But it was great seeing you out there on that big board sailing those big winds.
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