Change name of Windsurf to Sailsurf.......,.

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Change name of Windsurf to Sailsurf.......,.

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The term "Windsurfing" might excite more newcomers if the term were to be switched to "Sailsurfing."
I say this for two reasons: 1) Sailsurfing visually places a sail to a surfboard. With Windsurfing, some people just can't figure out "how can you surf the wind on just a board?" 2) Also Windsurfing starts with the letter "W" which is a floppy clumsy letter and can be associated with "Waffeling" and flopping about. Often my mother will ask, (with a scolding voice ) "did you take a day off from work to go ...Windsurfing?" Sounds like to go waffeling? Windsurfing (better to say sailsurfing) is a hard sport. It's not Waffeling! There also is the term sailboarding. But to me, Sailboarding is when there is a light wind and you are just sailing (schlogging) along.
Sailsurfing is when you are hydroplaning at surfing speed.
Sailsurfing on the rise!!
Qhetzalcoatl out.
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