"The Sea was angry that day my friends"...........

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"The Sea was angry that day my friends"...........

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Yes, We need some "Sea was angry that day my friends"...... stories from you!

Come on now, if you are reading this....then please go ahead and give us some wind sport stories.

I know you (yes "YOU") still do stuff on the water. Back in the day, sailors would write wonderful, colorful, elaborate stories about

windsurfing/kiteboareding on Lakawa, but not anymore. I don't if the advent of the digital world has evaporated people's writing skills or

people write stories on "META" (formally know as "facebook) which then they can have more than a million people (who most won't appreciate the

essence) of wind spots the way the Lakawa group does.

Quetzalcoatl out.
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