asembling the "Best" dry-suit ever!!!! (combing parts of two different Dry-suit brands)

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asembling the "Best" dry-suit ever!!!! (combing parts of two different Dry-suit brands)

Post by Quetzalcoatl »

My favorite Dry-suit (the Bare-Polar drysuit) stopped being made, several years ago.

I've blown out three of them over twenty years. A fourth and a fifth Bare polar were 2nd hand and turned out not safe. This dry-suit allowed me to Windsurf in Minnesota every month of the year, (except February).

Well, I just purchased a new O'neal Booster dry suit, and it's only really a shell of good water proof material. Usually it's expected that you'd wear

warm clothes undernieth. (I can't spell in our unphonetic English language).

Well, I'm going to cut up one my Bare dry-suits and use the legs and partial chest 5mm neoprene (with the suspenders) inside the new O'neil.

Thus, I think this shall give me the best dry suit ever! Oh, also the Bare dry-suit has buttons on the sides so that I can attach the original Bare fleeze liners or two of them.

I"ll let you know how it turns out. On Sunday, Dec.5th, there's wind, open water and warmer air temps in Iowa!! (mid forties to fifties).

Windsurfing on the rise, and windsurfing is a year round sport! Except February. I don't know what's wrong with February.

Quetzalcoatl out.
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