The "Magic of Mankato Wind"...................

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The "Magic of Mankato Wind"...................

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For some unexplained reason, almost everytime that I start looking for wind on different lakes in Minnesota, Iowa, finanlly I look at Mankato area
lakes, (And it's BETTER there!).

Quite often Clear Lake, IA appears to be the most promising lake for wind....and then look at Mankato at it's the same or Better than Clear Lake!

There's about a dozen Kettle (ot lakes (dug out by the last Glacier) in the Mankato area. And Mankato is further to the west than Clear Lake, IA.

So it's really in the windy part of Southern Minnesota. These lakes are not so big, but darn good enough for "great" rides. If your planning fast,

you can keep going for a good five minutes or so before you get the opportunity practice and "Perfect" your planning gybes! In other words you

WILL practice a lot of Gybes! Madison Lake, (near town of Madison Lake) is good for SE wind at the North Town park beach. Lake Madison

is good for West and NW wind at Brey Park (open until "Halloween"). And then the Fisherman's ramp and dock (upstream) from Brey Park is good

for North and Northeast wind. Then there's German Lake for South Wind. All these lakes are within 10 or 15 minutes drive from Mankato.

So, when you think there's no wind, "Check out the Weather Channel Ten day or hourly forcast on the Computer (not the TV) and see How's it blowing in Mankato area and then come and experience
The "Magic of Mankato Wind." (Mmmm.mmmm, Mankato is the name of a Santee Lakota Chief),,,I wonder if the name means wind or magic?

I'm going to Google that up!

Quetzalcoatl (Aztec god of Wind and Wisdom) out.
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