Lac Bay Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

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Lac Bay Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

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Fellow wind enthusiasts, I just returned from 2 weeks in Bonaire, so I’d thought I’d pass on info for anyone considering going to this part of the world.

Of any windsurfing vacations I’ve been on Lac Bay is probably the easiest place to learn to Windsurf or improve your windsurfing skills, but for more advanced sailors there are areas to sail away from the crowds. Yes , crowds. Can you believe there’s a place where windsurfers outnumber kite boarders? There is a kite beach but more on that later. There’s usually about 30 to 50 people sailing at any given time. Windsurfer’s only at Lac Bay, no Kites allowed.

Lac bay has onshore winds from the easterly trade winds. A typical day is strong morning winds 18 to 25 knots, the winds die down a bit around noon and are more in the 15 to 20 range, and then pick up again late in the day, about 3:30 to 6:00. Some days are gusty, but all n all this place has steady breezes for sure. The bay has a reef protecting it so the chop never really gets to rough. Most of the bay is shallow which is great for trying new tricks or just learning waterstarts or whatever, so after a fall you just stand up in waist deep water and just
take off.

If you leave the shallow waters you end up in deeper waters which are a different shade of turquoise and you will find a long stretch of open water with less people to get in your way, which is where I sailed most of the time. Little more chop and little more wind. Like heaven on earth. Watch out for sea turtles.

Rental gear is expensive, there are 3 places to choose from, Bonaire windsurf place, Jibe city, and just opening is a rental center at the Sorobon resort. They have package deals for guests.
It’s 435.00 for a weeks rental, but the gear is top notch. Boards available- JP, Fanatic, RRD, Starboard. All levels- beginner equipment, slalom, freestyle, FSW, wave, everything.
Sails are mostly Severne, Gaastra, and Hot sails Maui. Everything is within 3 years old.
The Severne Blade I used most was a 2018, brand new.

Bonaire is a conservation island, there is a lot to do beside sailing. You’ll see Flamingos, Parrots, Sea turtles, tons of lizards, octopus, squid, just to name a few. Go snorkeling for sure.

Oh yeah I almost forgot kiteboarding is at kite beach. It’s on a beautiful stretch of beach on a more isolated part of the island. I actually preferred the beach here. It’s beautiful.
The bummer for kiters here is that the wind is off-shore, blowing from the east but the launch is on the west side of the island. People are out about 100 to 200 yards off the beach and just have to be careful not to get too far out. For a beginner I think I’d find somewhere else, although there is a school and they have about 5 rescue boats ready to go pick people up if they go out too far. People were definitely having a lot of fun. Wind is steady and a typical day is 20 knots.

I’ll be going back next year, I absolutely love the island and what it has to offer.
Delta flies direct from Atlanta, and American flies direct from Miami starting in June.
Wind blows from Dec. through the summer. It’s kind of amazing how much wind they get.
If anyone needs more info contact Joe at Jvpaintatgmail. Ciao
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Re: Lac Bay Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

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Thanks for the write up. Sounds like a great place to sail! Someday...
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