DIY Custom Lightwind/Beginner Board

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DIY Custom Lightwind/Beginner Board

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After trying very hard to get up on a smaller board and then blowing out my eardrum by using too big of a kite early on, I decided the safest way to learn better was a bigger board with a smaller kite. I wasn't prepared to spend a great deal of money on a new board and I LOVE building things and take a lot of pride in my projects. Well, after building a rocker table and custom board platform to work on, I cranked out my first board, the Anomaly 144x43. It is solid Poplar and birch laminated with fiberglass. I printed the logos on the top on transperancy sheets and hand drew the graphic on the bottom. I "borrowed" the fins and bindings of an older Naish board I have and I am very happy with how it came out. It is a bit heavy, but it rides very well! Going from a 137 to this 144, I feel like I am riding on a picnic table out there, but I have rode on it a few times now in winds from 8-25mph paired with an older 12M Turbo Diesel. Now my son wants his own Deadwood Custom Board! Well, back to the shop!
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