New Rider's Gallery

Images that capture the stoke of riding the wind.

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New Rider's Gallery

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The new Gallery is up. The coolest feature, I think, is that any registered users can post their photos right from their browser. The only thing I ask is that you filter your photos and only put up decent shots. No need wasting server space for blurred or decapitated riders. Also please keep the photos to those that capture the riding community, here or a far. No shots of your dog's butt please. Check it out:

Remember to post an album you'll need to be logged into Chat.

I cannot take any credit for this. Tyson will be blessed with great sessions for at least at year, as he graciously donated his very advanced programming skills to make this happen. Buy him a beer next time you see him.

Also, once again we have to thank Coach and Blueearth Internet for hosting this site. Without this contribution we would most likely all be paying to use this site. thanks Mark.
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Re: New Rider's Gallery

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Test image upload.
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