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Windsurfing Lessons

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Jeff Adamski
(763) 441-1521

I have taught from 5 year olds through 75 year olds.
Beginner lesson is a 3 hr. lesson.
Lessons are tailored to the individual but basically follow this platform:

The Beginner Lessons are broken up into ON LAND and ON WATER.
The ON LAND includes: safety, weather, theory, rigging (how to put the parts
together), on land demonstration, and de-rigging after the ON WATER.

The ON WATER includes: how to get on the board, foot position, uphauling the
sail (getting the sail out of the water), turning the board, getting underway,
points of sail, no-go zone, tacking, stopping, and self rescue.

Additional Lessons are also available (2hr. min.) for:
Beach Starts
Foot straps

Jeff Adamski
(763) 441-1521
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