6.0 Ezzy Freeride sail for sale....

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6.0 Ezzy Freeride sail for sale....

Post by Quetzalcoatl »

Ezzy 6.0 Freeride sail for sale for 250 bucks.

It is hard to find 6.0 sails these days. There's lots of 5.8 or 6.3 or 5.614 sails. How about a solid trusty standard 6.0 sail?

This was is a classic Ezzy 6.0 Freeride 7 batten sail. It's 2011 or 12 or 13,,I need to check. Comes in a bright orange Ezzy bag. It was made in the year just before the making of the Cheetah. Essentially it IS the Cheetah without the squiggly colors crossing the sail. The mast sleeve is actually stronger then the Cheetahs first year of production.
This sail has a lot of Orange and white colors in it.
It's a strong B-plus maybe an "A-".
Call Eric at: 507-261-1901.
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