Starboard Carve 144 and everything else!

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Starboard Carve 144 and everything else!

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It is with a heavy heart that I am selling my gear. I love windsurfing but family life and work don't leave me enough time to sail, so I have made the decision that it is time to move on. This is a lot of very nice equipment. I'll sell individually unless someone wants to make a reasonable offer on the whole lot. Here is what I have:

Starboard Carve 144 in near mint condition. This is one of the most user friendly boards you can get. Perfect for someone looking to breakthrough to the next level. I was able to use this as a one board quiver with the right fins.
$550 with a nice Da Kine single wall bag

North Natural 7.0 good condition mylar is clear with no clouding $120
O2 Lip Freewave Concept 6.0 I hardly ever used this. Great condition $120
North Voodoo 4.5 decent shape. Apparently a mouse decided to nibble on the mast sleeve, but it should still handle fine on the rare 4.5 day here. $50
North DrX 5.0 has a smallish tear in one panel that could probably be repaired with mylar tape. I never got around to bothering to do it. Free if you buy other gear.

Fiberspar Reflex 4000 460cm $125
North Sting 50 400cm $75

Neil Pryde X6 hybrid (carbon/aluminum combo) 200-250cm $95
Chinook Slalom 152-214cm $75

Mast bases and extensions
Fiberspar extension 46cm $75 and 40cm $65
Chinook rubber base: $40
Chinook tendon base with pad $50
Deviator $20
Windsurfing Hawaii Downhaul crank/winch (makes rigging soooo much easier) $30

Fins: (if you know, you know. If you don't know then you need to find out!)
Curtis weed 52cm $85
Curtis CR15 (these are so fast, it's silly) 44cm and 48cm $85 each
Fin Works FS Pro 14.0 $50
Let me know if you have any questions!
Note: I have pictures of everything, but am trying to figure out how to add them. Message me and I can send them if you don't see them here.
My number is six one two 968 zero three one one

Here's a link to the pictures:
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