Eric's got a Tabou to ride...Eric's got a Tabou to ride ..

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Eric's got a Tabou to ride...Eric's got a Tabou to ride ..

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Remember that song, He's got a ticket to ride....Well I changed it to "a Tabou to ride.". Yeah, I made the round trip driving to Milwaukee and back to Rochester (532 mls) to buy that 2017 Tabou rocket 125 liter board last Sat. Previous owner and only owner was 86 year old dude named Hans. It great to talk to him. He still races on downhill skis and races windsurfing. He also is doing some windsurf fouling as well. I hope to be like him when I'm his age. I've got 27 years to go.
Now I just need some wind! Qhetzalcoatl out
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