Snow Vs. Water Kites

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Snow Vs. Water Kites

Post by Robster »

Is there a big difference between inflatable waterkites and the hydrofiol land/snow kites? The hydrofoil design seems to be more manuverable and the bladder on the inflatable seems like it could pop if slamed hard enough on the ice. Are these issues I should be worried about?
I have a gastra 7.5 meeter g-spot kite, which is a c-kite I beleive and a liquidforce mig 12, 12 meeter also c-kite, will one of these work fine or should I look into a hydrofoil land kite for the winter?
Erik Stone
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Re: Snow Vs. Water Kites

Post by Erik Stone »

I always tell people if they are going to fly on the snow more often, get a foil style kite. If you are going to be on the water mostly, then get an inflatable kite. If you are going to do half and half, buy both.

That being said, if you already have kites, either style will work for both. The major factors on these kites is whether you know how to use them properly or not and if you like the advantages or disadvantages that they offer.

Inflatable kites can pop, get sliced, or tear on ice. Can foils pop on the ice? Yep. Inflatables pop on the water too, sometimes. Inflatable are more fragile all around, but if you are careful and don't tomahawk your kite, and you don't kite on sheer ice, you should be fine.

As for maneuverability, that will depend on the type, brand, and model kite you are flying, with hydrofoils or inflatables.

The short answer to your questions:
Yes, there are big differences between hydrofoils and inflatables.
Yes, you should be worried about popping your kites.
Yes, your kites should work fine.
Yes, you should look into a hydrofoil land kite for the winter.
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Re: Snow Vs. Water Kites

Post by Tighe »

I would tend to disagree with Erik. I have never in the last 10 years of riding heard of anyone destroying an inflatable on the snow. I have on the otherhand heard/seen many get destroyed on the water. Unless you are riding on sharp jagged ice, the durability issue isn't really an issue. If you are riding on sharp jagged ice, either type of kite will be susceptible to damage.

C kites can be more challenging to launch in the winter than on water. Bows and Hybrids launch/relaunch about the same as foils.

There are some high end foils, from Ozone, Flysurfer and others that offer the performance of inflatables expect to spend about the same as an inflatable though. As far as I know the ranges of these newer foils are about the same as the inflatables.

If you think you'll only be riding in the winter or have an open budget, I'd consider a foil. Otherwise in my opinion inflatables are the way to go.
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