Launcher Responsibilities: Please read

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Launcher Responsibilities: Please read

Post by Tighe »

I've been seeing more and more botched launches lately and luckily most have been in Padre or on the snow where we're well away from trees etc so most didn't end up too bad. AND I think we should really get this down so that when the warmth of summer returns we're not seeing these botched launches turn into shoreline injuries.

TODAY"s Lesson: Launcher Responsibilities (Inflatables), take the appropriate steps to ensure that you are safely sending someone out into the wind.

1. Take the kite out 90 degrees to the wind carrying it with the wingtips into the air. Discuss which side of the window the rider wants you to be when asked for a launch. When at the neutral position, rotate the wing tip that is farthest from the rider into the air above the other wingtip. The back of the kite (trailing edge) should be fluttering in the wind. IF you are fighting with the kite you are not in the right position. Walk toward the rider and slacken the lines and reposition yourself. If the kite wants to fly into the wind, move into the wind with it. You want to be in the neutral position while the rider checks his lines.

2. You should now be holding the kite as if the kite were flying, so that the rider can check the lines. As he/she checks their lines you need to CHECK THE BRIDLES. The rider cannot see if the bridles are caught or twisted. If the bridles are not correct the rider will not be able to control the kite.

3. Once you have checked the bridles look for the THUMBS UP from the rider, signaling that they are ready from their end. This DOES NOT MEAN you should toss the kite into the air. It only means that they are ready from their end. Now it is both of your responsibilities to get the kite flying. Walk hand over hand down the LE so that the lower wingtip is off the ground. Most likely the kite may need to move farther back into the window in order to have enough wind to launch, usually a few steps downwind will accomplish this. DO NOT LET GO OF THAT KITE UNTIL IT IS PULLING UP OR FORWARD INTO THE WIND. If the kite is pulling downwind it isn't flying.(see photos below) Tossing it into the air isn't going to get it flying either. Slowly walk downwind until you feel the kite being pulled skyward and slowly release the kite.

If you agree to launch someone's kite you are sharing the responsibilities for a successful launch. If you are new and aren't comfortable doing it, have someone else do it and step you through the process.

Most injuries worldwide happen during launches and landings. We have the extra disadvantage of tree lined shores. Let's be extra careful.


Kite is FLYING, OK to LET GO

(Ignore the kite's location in the window in these photos, typically movement downwind would get the kite flying)
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Re: Launcher Responsibilities: Please read

Post by APEXX »

hi Tighe,
Good tips here too. Thanks. You didn't have an email address under your member profile, so thought i'd send this via another topic you had written about.
Under Knowledge you also have info on "Riding Private Land."
When i click your link for that form, this is what i get:
"Not Found
The requested URL /temp/Liability_Waiver.doc was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

I thought maybe it was because i was using an ipad at first, but it gives the same error on any computer i try it on, including this one. Is there a way to have that form emailed to me? I'd really like to use it. or if you need to call my cell is 608-547-1155
thanks, Mike
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