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Re: unhooked with TD ?

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RobH sez:
This brings up a question for me on riding unhooked. I havnt tried it but the appeal of riding onhooked is huge coming from teh wakeboard background where handle placement is key. How does the TD re-act when riding unhooked if by pulling the bar all the way in can choke off the kite ? if you unhook isnt that the same as pulling the bar all the way in ?
I think that Tyson and Steve are right on riding unhooked with a bow. You have to set your depower strap properly before unhooking. Otherwise, you will have your angle of attack way too high. Unhooking with the Link is no problem. Slight adjustment to the depower, unhook and be radical! I suspect that the Wipika bow coming out in the next 2 weeks will habe pretty much the same feel.

Unhooking with a Cab is no problem either, as long as your depower is set correctly. Not tried it with a TD yet.

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I have been riding the TD now since last Jan Feb and really started to jump with it this last summer. I do pull that bar in all the way when I jump, I get no stalling or anything else other than pure power and height, I read in one of someones paragraphs that you should pull the bar back the direction you were going once in the air, maybe with a C-kite but with the Bow's especially if we are talking about the TD in specific which is what Darlene has, don't pull down on your bar to hard in the direction you are going after you reach your apex, the TD is extremly fast and you will end up coming in way to hot, nice even SLOW bar pressure in the direction you were going to land. If you pull down on the bar to hard it will be real obvious what will happen, you will come in lit really fast, in that situation just send the kite back again and it will slow you down for the landings, luckly the TD is fast enough to do this I don't know about other kites? But like Tighe did say pull in the bar maybe half way not all the way and you just won't go as high or far, you will see Darlene once you start trying it which I think you have, you will get it it does take time and lots of practice, just make sure you are comfortable jumping in the water before getting to the snow, the snow is not as forgiving.
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