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It feels like kiters pose more of a risk to other water users than do most other sailcraft. Most of the kiters I've been around are sensitive to that increased risk, and I appreciate that sensitivity. I think if kiters were to enforce their full right-of-way they would accidentally force others into very defensive moves because of the size and apparent threat of the kite lines.

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feel free to rip me on this one :roll: but what about this rule...
I call it the half way rule if a kiter and a windsurfer are going to cross paths if the windsurfer is closer to the kite he cuts down wind and the kiter cuts upwind
if the windsurfer is closer to the kiter the kiter cuts down wind and windsurfer cuts up wind

the kiter cuting up wind only work if the kiter has enough power

it is easy to tell if the kiter has the ability to cut hard up wind. if you see the kite working up and down chances are the kiter is moving down wind this is when I don't want anyone down wind of me there is a beter chance of the kite falling and powering back up

if the kite is sitting in one spot or maby moving up and down a litle the kiter should be able to get up wind quickly and easyly

I just thought of this very unrefined idea what are some thoughts on this
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