Microburst discussion, very informative

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Tom L
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Microburst discussion, very informative

Post by Tom L »

Good reading. The pictures might help you anticipate some bad weather. I had never associated virga with a downdraft, I viewed virga as relatively harmless. The picture of the the clouds in Alberta the day the snow kiter was killed is also something to take note of.

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Post by Tighe »

My approach is to keep an eye on the sky and come in with any major change in the sky, wait see what it will bring and then go back out. I can always take a break.

I think all this info about accidents is very important, if for no other reason than to slap us back into a very heathy respect for the power of the wind. So yes, read them, process them and learn from them.

And, let's not focus too much on these events. They are tragic and extremely rare. Let's keep the focus positive.

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Post by bmr »

Thanks for the info!

Anyone ever experience a sudden short-lived snowstorm?

I got caught in one this past winter but luckily saw it coming. The wind went from about 10/15 to 50+mph in a matter of minutes. Luckily I saw it coming and downed my kite immediately. I could only imagine flying a 18m in those winds. I'd probably microburst my pants. Yikes! :shock:

cya out there,

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