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From: Dave Z Email: davidz@e-zone.com Date: 04/09/02 Time: 04:13 PM

I sailed from ice-off to ice-on for years using a steamer, one piece hood/vest combo, booties and gloves. It seemed to do the trick. To warm yourself even more you can wear a Mysterioso lycra/fleece top underneath - have 'em at REI.

A few year ago I got a drysuit. It's definitely a nicer option. I've found the warmer you can keep your core temp the better off your extremeties are.

From: Coach Email: Date: 04/12/02 Time: 03:36 PM

I was in my Neil Pryde 5000(? heavy-duty wetsuit, zipperless, 4/3 or 5/3) on Wednesday down at Cannon with Da Kine mittens (love those things) cold-weather booties and a hood. With the temp being 70, I was pulling the hood off a bit to cool down.

You could probably get out there pretty darn soon on moderate days with temps in the 50's. The windier or cooler it gets, the warmer you'll want to be.

The old rule of thumb still applies well - add the air temp and water temp (approx, if you don't have a thermometer (who does??)) to get a total of, for example, 110 for Weds. My drysuit threshold I've estimated at a total temp of 75 (40 degree air, freshly open water). No problem there. My Pryde wetsuit I shoot for 90. Still OK...

But, always keep in mind what a wise man (*cough* RANDY *cough*) once told me, "Dress for the swim in, not the sail out."

From: Randy Email: randy@thehouse1.com Date: 04/12/02 Time: 04:19 PM

Thanks for the compliment...my wife coughed as well. She said true wise men keep their mouths shut. But on this one, I can't. Almost all windsurf deaths have come from exposure due to insufficient protection. Until the water temp is closer to 45 degrees, I'm a believer in true dry suits. It's very easy to sail now when the air is warm, but if you're still in a steamer I think it's good to sail onshore conditions where the float's not that long if you loose your board...it happens. When in doubt, see how comfortable you are just hanging out in the water for several minutes. If you start getting chilled in a short amount of time while just floating, you probably don't have enough protection. If you do venture far from shore, be sure to have a buddy with you who can pick you up if you lose your rig. If you're sailing now, it's best to go under the assumption you're on your own. Too many sailors think that others on the water are keeping an eye on you. I've found this generally isn't the case. On the other hand, if you do see someone in the water for an extended time, don't trust their judgment when they say they're ok. Way too many times I've mistakenly left people who said they were ok only to come back and find that they weren't. Hypothermia seems to have this effect. Safe sailing to all...looks like a good weekend.
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