Rider's Creed 05/02

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Rider's Creed 05/02

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The Rider's Creed

1. When I help a fellow rider I know my own riding improves. This is a gift I acknowledge, a gift that feeds my sense of well-being. 2. When I'm thinking I'm a great rider, I'm no longer riding·I'm thinking I'm a great rider, attention is lost, my riding quality diminished. Similarly, when Iâm wishing to be a great rider, I'm no longer riding·.I'm caught in notions of wishing to be a great rider. Quality riding demands attention to the present moment. 3. Riders know their good will to other riders feeds their performance. There are no justified resentments, judgments or criticisms. When I become steadfast in releasing blame I discover I'm supported by all riders. 4. I will ride as much as my heart tells me. The music that feeds my riding passion will be played over temptations to rationalize discontinuance of riding. I rest in the knowledge that riding is important to body, mind and spirit health. I give thanks for the power of meeting the elements in motion through the ride experience. 5. I will relish those moments of riding in silenceä where I surrender in fullness to the mountain or wave·moving beyond separation in discovery of our very being-ness. 6. I surrender attachment to my riding history. Each ride experience is new! Within the power of humility, I forever live in gratitude for the gift of this ride's unfolding. 7. I will avoid all thoughts of self-criticism, knowing they do nothing but weaken me. Moving attention throughout my body, I give thanks for legs, arms, knees, feet, eyes, ears, toes, fingers, etc., as they play into the various rhythms and harmonies of rides dance unfolding. 8. I ride with a sense of arrival, fully connected with the spirit of riding, touching the moments wonder, breath by breath. I experience myself as though I already am what I'd like to become.

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