Foil Brake line setup

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jim lehman
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Foil Brake line setup

Post by jim lehman »

I am working on setting up my kite with brake lines and a reverse launch. I have everything set, however, when my kite is staked to the ground it keeps flipping over or trying to launch itself or both.
Here is how I have it set:
1)Bridle coming off the back of the kite
2)A 10' line with a ring attaching the left and the right bridles together
3)A third line running through a Holt eyelet, to my quick release system, which connects to the ring
4)To act as stoppers on the 3rd line I drilled a hole in two golf balls and ran the line through them

Once everything is adjusted the kite should rest on the ground peacefully; correct? This is how I am setting up the kite:
1) Lay out the lines
2) Take kite out of bag
3) Lay out kite
4) Kite flops out of control :(

Is it necessary to weight down kite while setting up?
Eric S
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Post by Eric S »

Hey Jim,

I'll try to get some pictures of my setup next time I'm out. You're kite should not flip around too much or at all. My guess is that your third line isn't trimmed correctly with the kite in the parked possition. Here's a picture of my 3.3 M Flexifoil parked in 35-45mph last year. You shouldn't need any weights on the kite:

Like I said, I should put together some pictures and description of how we do it as soon as the water clears the ice. I now have a digital camera so there are no excuses!


(afterthought: You might have too much brake on the kite in the staked out possition. Try easing off the third line some? Too much brake will have the kite laying out too flat and might cause flapping. the leading edge needs to be catching wind when staked out correctly)
Kirk D.
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Post by Kirk D. »

Eric's system is pretty slick, I have one set up that way and am going to set up my new one too. Instead of drilling holes through golf balls, try using "rope stoppers".

A large diameter hole is on the other side of the ball, allowing a knot to slide into the ball and stop the rope from sliding any further.

You can get them at West Marine by Ridgedale for about $1.50 each.

They also have smooth welded rings.

Mike W
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Post by Mike W »

The key to getting the kite to sit and stay put (like in the photo) is to run your third line way too long to start. Then go out on a fairly moderate wind day and pull on the brake line till the kite falls from the sky. You will want to mark the point on the brake line where it depowers the kite when that point is at the bar. The kite should sit upright depowered at this point. Once you have this spot properly identified, tie a knot and maybe us one of Kirk's balls. Then you will want to find another spot farther away from the kite on the brake line where you tie another knot. When you let go of the brake line it, the kite should fly with the brake line pulling on this knot farther back. There should be no tension on the brakes then. Depending on kite and size, there may be 1-2 ft. between these knots.

Tie a loop behind the back knot and attach it to your harness. Now you have a setup that will allow you to safely depower the kite whenever you let go of the bar.

Setting up a kite this way makes foils realtively safe and pretty user friendly on hard surfaces.
Eric S
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Post by Eric S »

I've put together some info and pictures on the way I set up a foil for 3 line action. Check it out here:
Jeff A
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Post by Jeff A »

Nice pic's. Pictures are always worth a thousand word.
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