Launching a Foil Kite in Windy Conditions

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Launching a Foil Kite in Windy Conditions

Post by markdbliss »

I'm having some trouble launching my 5m B-5 slingshot 3 line foil kite. I'm trying to setup in ~15mph wind in a wide open grassy park. The kite blows around, and I can't get my lines out straight before the kite blows around, twisting the lines, one end/edge going over itself, etc. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to stabilize it during setup.


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Re: Launching a Foil Kite in Windy Conditions

Post by Tighe »

couple of options.
both of which are much easier in the winter.

You can anchor your leash line before unraveling your lines. Stick a good sized stick or tent stake into the ground and hook your 3rd line (leash line) to it and walk down wind with your kite, taking your lines off or your bar. When you get down wind you should be able to set your kite up, cells up, and it should sit there since your rear bridle is engaged. Walk back upwind, spin your bar if needed to clean up your lines. Attach your leash, pull in the bar and your ready to go.

Option two.
set up your kite trailing edge into the wind with your bar and lines (wrapped) on the downwind side of the kite. Place something long, somewhat heavy, and smooth along the trailing edge. Then unwind your lines up and over the weight and extend them upwind. When ready to go, put some tension on the lines and the kite will rise up and dump the weight off the trailing edge. You want to use something smooth so that your lines don't get caught on it. In the winter snow works great.

hope that helps
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