Why do we ride the wind?

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Re: Why do we ride the wind?

Post by Elkman »

Well, in my case, I'll have to explain why I'm interested in kiteboarding but I haven't become a regular, fully instructed rider yet. The short story for me is that I tried kiteboarding for the first time in the Florida keys back in February because I was planning to go scuba diving that day, but the wind was blowing too hard and the seas were too rough to get the dive boat out. I was building up interest before that, though. Earlier on that trip, and on a previous trip to Miami Beach, I had watched a bunch of kitesurfers riding about midway up the beach. It looked like a lot of fun, especially since I'm an experienced stunt kite flier and I know how hard a good wind can pull. I asked them how difficult it was to learn, and they told me there was a kite school in Miami. I didn't have time on that particular trip, but when I was down in the Keys this last February, my dive on Monday got cancelled. Instead of just sitting around, I drove down Highway 1 and just happened to find a marina in Islamorada that rented out Waverunners... and also had a kitesurfing beach right next to it. I talked with someone from a kite school there (Seven Sports) and asked about lessons. When Tuesday's dive got cancelled, that's when I signed up and took the initial lesson.

I wasn't all that great at flying a big power kite, but it got my interest going, so I bought a trainer kite when I got back to Minnesota. When I tried it out in mid-March on Kite Island, along with my short skiboards, I had way too much fun zipping around, even though I'm not a "real" kiteboarder yet.

Can you guys promise me I'll still enjoy this once I learn to fly big kites and take to the water? :D
Todd Murray
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Re: Why do we ride the wind?

Post by tom_latcham »

Elkman I rode my 1st time on the snow and thought it was so easy. This did not transfer to the water. It took me many outings to ride and stay up wind. I think I could have saved allot of trouble by taking a lesson. I will say that it is worth the effort. Riding on the water is really fun. Even when you are only body dragging. Hope you are going to Padre. I think you would gain more than a years worth of experiance in one week. Milacs is the the best place to learn around here. Keep at it the feeling is fantastic.
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Re: Why do we ride the wind?

Post by Barry P »

Elkman... I kited 3 winters before trying it on water. I echo Tom: way harder. You will pay your dues like the rest of us. If you can get lessons or go to SPI, you will get the sweet pay-back stuff much much quicker than if you can't.

Will you love it like we are writing about? I cannot imagine not being swept up with it, yet I know it doesn't hit the sweet spot for everyone. Some take a lesson or two, buy a kite & try it, and then just walk away.

I suppose another topic we could start would be "Why do WE ride the wind?" I think the rider population is surprisingly small for something with so much positive pay back.

I know I love action. I'm not a good spectator. I love speed, the challenge of the wrestling match of being hooked into a lot of power that can never be tamed, and turning it my advantage (most of the time). I love going UP without even having a ramp. I even like getting bucked off (usually). I like learning something every time I go out. I like it that every session is free. It's the most fun way to play with water I know.
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Re: Why do we ride the wind?

Post by jrjohnson1 »

Why do we ride the wind? It may be because we are searchers. We are searching for the ultimate ride. Mother Nature is a key factor which is why we become fixated on watching the weather and we wait. When the right conditions begin to unfold, we get excited. The better the perceived conditions, the higher our level of excitement for the ultimate ride may soon be within grasp. Our search for the ultimate ride motivates us to travel, buy more equipment, improve our skill, etc.
Kiteboarding, surfing, and windsurfing are the few and unique sports which involve a dance we play with nature. Our experiences and anticipation become very spiritual. Getting the ultimate ride or getting close brings us a sense of inner peace, but yet further encourages us on our continuous quest.

At least that's how I feel,
anne of willmar
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Re: Why do we ride the wind?

Post by anne of willmar »

because it's magic everytime...no matter how many years on the water, the thrill is as great as the first planing, it's still magic!!! i still feel like i'm getting away with something !!
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