Massage Therapist

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Massage Therapist

Post by Debbie »

I figured that might get your attention. Anyway, I went to school for training in massage therapy/shiatsu to get out of the accounting field. I am not working as of yet because I wanted to take the summer off to kite. I would be willing, however, to trade a half-hour of practicing this great art for some kiting tips.

Since I am currently unemployed, I am able to kite any day of the week. My e-mail is debbie2ocean at yahoo dot com. Please keep me in mind, I really need some time on the water before I head back to Cabarete this winter.

Tighe, should this be in the classifieds?
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Re: Massage Therapist

Post by RandyL »

I'm assuming you are the Debbie I met a few times at Rutherford and if so you were rockin last Friday!!!
Keep doing what your doing, and if you would like I can give you a ride upwind in my boat to get a little more space from shore.
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Re: Massage Therapist

Post by steveb »

Barter sounds good to me, actually I and most on the site would probably help just cos we always have helped each other , but I'll take you up on a rebuild.
My e mails on my post line, drop me your phone #.and we'll try to get out on the water.
My websites if you're bored ( being unemployed or otherwise known as a professional kiter)
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