Fitness Consulting: Less Pain, Better Movement=more riding!!

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Fitness Consulting: Less Pain, Better Movement=more riding!!

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Want to reduce that nagging kiter's elbow pain? Get the most out of your days on the water when the wind is up? Ride for hours on end without pain? Sounds too good to be true I know, but you can train to actually improve your riding?

Feel free to check out all the information at

It is 100% guaranteed! No fine print, no tricky stuff, no result in one session = no money! I don't believe people should pay for things that don't work!

Contact me at MichaelTNelson AT yahoo DOT com for more information

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"It's crazy, I walked in with a tight hammie, ankle and back. During the weekend, I had none of those problems and still haven't. Other than a sore L ankle...just like you said I would." Robert Orr, Marine and RKC II

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