Kite Club does Los Barilles Jan 05

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Kite Club does Los Barilles Jan 05

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Los Barilles Kite Trip Recap
More pictures at :
12 adults +2 babies
Everyone flew Alaskan Air into Cabo
Rented 5 small rental cars, and piled lots of gear on the roofs.
After a 1 hour drive North to Los Barilles we hit the marketa for beer and provisions.
The large rental house was spectacular just north of town
a couple miles on a bluff above the ocean.
No wind the first full day so lots of time to relax and unplug.
Drove into town to explore and find friends at Vela.
Found internet cafe, smoothie bar, restaurants, and taco stands.
Ventured out for dinner in town at a restaurant and found it to be alot of work with 14 people.
Day 2 no wind and more exploring and ordered up dinner from chef Norma who came to the rental house to cook.
She did such a good job of cooking that we asked her to come back every night for the rest of the week.
Day 3 a group of surfers drove over to the pacific to go surfing at Todos Santos.
And thankfully lower some of the "lack of wind" tension in the house.
From the pictures the surfing trip was a great success.
In the afternoon the wind turned on for those of us who didnt go surfing and
we headed to the arroyo just south of the rental house a 1/4 mile and north
of the Playa Norte Campground. Finally some wind.
Day 4 more wind in the afternoon and got to try the new Torch 20M and 16M.
Also new boards were on hand in the form of the North RocketFish.
Day 5 Wind even earlier in the day for a full day on the water.
At nite a birthday party for Angela complete with Mariachi Band, Pinata, and authentic birthday cake.
Day 6 yet more wind and more of Norma's good cooking.
So nice to not go grocery shopping, cook, or do dishes.
Day 7 one last morning session before heading to the airport.
Drank the last of the beers as we headed out for the airport.
I used my big kites most of the time 20M and 16M.
The rest of the crew usually rigged 16M first and then jumped down to their 12M mid afternoon.
We kited to sunset most nites as the wind died away as did our energy.
I got to try flying a kite with a 5th line as well as a sufboard. Lots of new toys out in the industry.

I would definitely go back to Los Barilles for a spring kite trip for the warm water and weather.
Next time I think I will try Ventana just to see how different the wind is.

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