Three 0.8m sessions in a week!

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Three 0.8m sessions in a week!

Post by Kevinousdigian »

Even though windy days have been sparse, I've had fun the last month teaching my niece (12), nephew (10), and 4 year old son (in pictures below) to windsurf. I should say they've learned to go back and forth mostly on their own without land lessons. Today's equipment removes the 2 biggest barriers: 1) balancing board and 2) uphauling rig. I bought a big Start and lightweight rig and neither are an issue.

I couldn't believe the first time my 4 yr old got on board he uphauled and went about 50 yds with me swimming behind him. He doesn't windsurf for very long (10-15min) but we have a blast playing on the board and balancing or he just loves running and jumping off the front of it.

I've also enjoyed sailing with him on the front holding onto a skip tow rope. I now enjoy the dog days of summer because all you need to hope for is 5 mph of wind and we're set! I bought the 0.8 m sail used and it is slick because the mast/boom comes in pieces so it folds up into a little bag.

I left my Formula 155 @ home on our last family trip and had one of the most exhilarating sessions on the large start and a 9.5 at 7 - 8:30 on a Sat night up at Whitefish lake. The wind came up to about 10 mph so I decided to rig. Shortly after I was out there it was 10-25 mph. That board is probably not as fast as F155 but it planes early and is hard to get off a plane. It also stays down a lot better than the formula (because it is so heavy) when your way overpowered and going off chop. I think the width (110 cm) gives you better leverage too. If the wind dies off the retractable daggerfin allows you to get whereever you want to go. My legs were beat for 2 days from trying to hold onto that sail and directing the board.
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Kevin Ousdigian
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Post by Barry P »

Awesome. I love it! Kevin, you are living The Dream. :)
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Post by johntr »

Awesome job, Kevin! What a great use of limited wind.

My family's favorite sail this season has been our 4.2 m2 Retro Ripper. It's tiny, but very light, and it gets the kids planing in anything above 7 knots. They have a blast! I've actually ordered a smaller Ripper this week, since they complain the current one is too big(!) on days I like to sail.

Coach: you might want to try teaching younger citizens to sail during the dog days. It sure puts a smile on my face to see other people get hooked on our sport. And ... as someone else pointed out a while ago ... it's the best way to jetski-proof them :-).

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That looks super fun Kevin. Have you installed an AO on that boom yet?

I wonder if you little dood would like to get a ride on the front of the start on a plane. whoa!
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