Interesting Fact: There are approximately 800,000 winsurfers in the USA>::::

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Interesting Fact: There are approximately 800,000 winsurfers in the USA>::::

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I (Quetzalcoatl) recently read that the interest in Windsurfing is actually going up, not down.

I read that in 2016 there were approximately 600,000 windsurfers in the USA. Now, there's around 800,000 and growing.
(I guess we're not so special after all).
Just because windsurf shop after windsurf shop seems to be closing, that doesn't have anything to do with windsports enthusiasm.

It may have to do more with the fact that people don't need to go to a shop and buy a board,,,they just "Get it on Line." Yeah, Amazon sends them

their gear. I pesonally rather go to a shop and examine the boards, examine the sails, Pick up the boom, try on a Drysuit as opposed to just guessing my size or risking equipment damage by mail.

Windsurfing is on the Rise and there is some good wind to "harness" with your Harness on Sunday. Best wind will be Clear Lake, IA and Mankato area.
a toasty 48 degrees in Clear Lake, IA for Sunday, 45 degrees for Mankato. Lake Pepin might be a possibility because it's a NW wind and even though
the prediction is it'll be 15 mph, Pete G. points that if it's a NW wind on Pepin it's usually stronger wind than what predicted.

The Legend (Quetzalcoatl) out.
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