Lake Pepin was angry yesterday my friends......

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Lake Pepin was angry yesterday my friends......

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On Sunday, Sept. 25th, Wind speed (W-NW) tops was gonna be 18 mph. So, from Wisconsin side on my 120 l. Tabou Rocket and 6.3 Ezzy sail I headed out into the middle of Lake Pepin. BAM! Wind was mucho mas stronger! This is around 4:30 PM (when forecast predicted wind to be at it's best) and there was "Smoke on the Water!" But really the wind must of been around a steady 20 mph with gusts in the thirties which caused the "tuffs'
of the whitecaps to get blown off, causing "smoke on the Water." But no fire in the sky. I went back in to shore and switched to a 5.1 sail.
This was very manageable and kept me planing.Waves were HUGE!! It was a very good sesh. No boats on the water except a small barge for which I passed in front ofwith a good 200 yards of clearance. It was a really small barge, a small white pusher and just one segment barge. It was a "Baby Barge." But still
worthy of respect and keeping a good distance from it.
Pete: what was it like on your side of the pond (at "The Point)?

Eric (Quetzalcoatl) out.
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Re: Lake Pepin was angry yesterday my friends......

Post by Pete »

Windy, wavy and completely lit up! Ramps everywhere for "sending it". 5 or 6 kiters and 6 sailors.
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