As I was executiong a planning gype on a gravel reef I all of a sudden......

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As I was executiong a planning gype on a gravel reef I all of a sudden......

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Yesterday, Wens, July 20th...
Big wind day on Lake Madison, (Minnesota) as I was clipping along almost to western side of Lake Madison, Chad was in the water near his board

video taping (with his helmet camera) as I passed him I thought, "guess I'll keep going and see if I can provide him with some good footage of a nice gybe before I get to close to that underwater gravel reef." Ahh,,,didn't work out so good. My weed fin dug into the gravel reef and I flew forward and

spun around backwards and I safely landed on my back in about six inches of water. The fin got pretty chewed up but still sailable.

I don't know if Chad video taped that gybe or not. If he did, That would be great to watch! Well, Chad later told me he only shows the good stuff.

Later as I was sailing I took noticed of a piece of weed or maybe a fracture or crack on the nose of my favorite Tabou 115 liter Rocket?

I examined the nose and I'm quite sure it's just a one inch long paint chip, nothing more. It's really just a comestic scar! But, I'll probably put

some Expoxy putty over it just to be safe.

So,,,,I tried to do a Gravel Gybe and it didn't work!

Save Journeys and Windsurfing on the rise, Siempre!

Quetzalcoatl out.
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