Two Great afternoons of the Windy area of Mankato...

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Two Great afternoons of the Windy area of Mankato...

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YEAH!!!! I, (Quetzalcoatl) did some Windsurfing Friday late afternoon (when the rain stopped) and kept sailing in upper 20ish SE winds
on Lake Madison (near Mankato) almost overpowered on 6.0 Panthe Ezzy and 120 liter Tabou Rocket.
It was still light out at 8:30pm!! It was a balmy 56 degrees.
Sunday afternoon almost a repeat, exept STRONGER wind! So, I was a 5.2 Panther and still used the 120 l. rocket Tabou. This was

more exhausting. Both days I had the puffy O-neal Dry suit on. It really kept me dry and Too warm. Better warm then cold when you're out
in 44 degree air temps.

Quezalcoatl out. PS: What's your story?
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