A word to the wise....from the Wise...about care of Sails. after a sesh.....

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A word to the wise....from the Wise...about care of Sails. after a sesh.....

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A word to the Wise from the WISE....about care of sails after a sesh....

Don't worry about hanging out your windsurfing sails out to dry. It's O.K. to leave it out in THE SHADE: to dry a bit. But don't leave

a sail in direct sunlight. It will damage the sail a lot! It'll just shrivel the sail up and give it cracks and stuff.

Really, when you're done sailing, just roll up the sail and bag it and when you get home stick it up vertically in the garage, the cloth part (the luff)
touchingt he cement floor or (best on a two inch thick piece of wood separating the sail from the floor. the Leech end of sail (or the all plastic part end of the sail should be up in the air). This allows plenty of opportunity to drain off the excessive water.

I have several sails (I won't say how many) lined up vertically up against my garage walls. This like a can of Tamales being ready to be used.

This is quick and preserves the lifespan of the sails.

One time at South Padre Island, (on a hot very sunny day) a windsurfing couple (after their sesh) had just a couple hours before they needed to catch their plane to go home so they put their brand new Beautiful Ezzy 6.0 Panther wave sails out in the open sun to dry on the grass (at 1:00 in the afternoon).

They later were going to store them in a storage site on South Padre Island, TX. I did not want to be a wise guy, so I said nothing. But had they just stored them vertically in the storage site, they'd be plenty dry and still "new" looking the next time they would come to Padre Island.

Keep your sail "fresh looking", don't cook them in the sun.

Quetzalcoatl out.
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