French Island waves were ablaze!! (La Crosse, Wi)

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French Island waves were ablaze!! (La Crosse, Wi)

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La Crosse, Wisconsin is Truely God's country. Not jusr because of Old Style Beer, (as they used to say in the commercials),,which is part of the historical significance and charisma that this
geographic location provides.
But..... just off of I-90 is French Island, and it's a peninsula that juts up and into the Widest part of the Mississippi river, (maybe close to five miles wide). The bluffs way off in distance are huge!!! Shaped like the pyriamid shaped Western Front Range of the Rockies. (a Slight Exagertion with my imagination.
It's also on the same peninsula that (or it's an island, I guess) that the airport is on. So, if you're windsurfing there, there's a good chance an
ocassional jet plane will fly over you. Which I saw.

Well, anyway, when I got there Sunday afternoon, Nov 21st, the waves were five high all white (due to shallow water) just curving over, Must be great for surfing too. Wind was onshore from NW. Air temp was 36 degrees but windchill was 26 degrees.

I decided to try out my latest "used" Dry suit (Bare Polarheat) likely the very first addition of this suit because it has no neoprene suspenders.
Instead of suspenders it has a thin complete wetsuit inside which the arms keep the entire suit up and on in place of the suspenders.

I really like the Bear Polarheat drysuit, I've used up three of them (ones with suspenders). But this early edition of the suit (no suspenders) was giving me trouble with the zipper (more trouble than usual), so after ten minutes of struggle I gave up! "Screw it!" The wind was a steady 25 mph with higher amazing gusts and it was just miserable messing with the wardrobe malfunction. I just jumped in the car and drove the 70 miles back to Rochester.
I should of just used my Steamer 7-6-5 wetsuit.
It was worth the trip though. It really was. I'll be back!!
Quetzalcoatl out.
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