Steady STRONG Wind (just like Padre) on Sunday in Mankato about YOU?

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Steady STRONG Wind (just like Padre) on Sunday in Mankato about YOU?

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WOW! Sunday, Sept. 19th, 2021 the wind was blowin from the South at a base wind of 25 mph,,and my wind meter recorded many gusts at 33 mph!

This was what we've been waiting for! I sailed from the North public ramp (which is most beautiful) on a small cliff grassy park at North end

of Eagle Lake, (just a few miles NE of Mankato). We were five sailors. (All windsurfing today). Keith from Red Wing, Ryan and Oz (Ozwaldo) and

Chad from Mankato area, and "yours truly" (Quetzalcoatl) from Rochester. I only used my 5.5 Ezzy Tiger (with a green stripe in the middle of sail) and Tabou Rocket 115 liter. No weeds at all. Chad said this lake tends see the weeds go way by this time of year. He's says. "The weed growth, "runs through it's cycle" and then it's all done. I like that.

Well it was a fun day!

come on now,,,,let's hear from you! Or does this mean you DID NOT get out on Sunday to sail?

Quetzalcoatl out.

Oh yeah,,,,Windsurfing on the Rise!!!
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