Sept 16h (yesterday) ROCKED!!!! mucho viento (mucho wind)....

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Sept 16h (yesterday) ROCKED!!!! mucho viento (mucho wind)....

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Greetings to all from People of the South Wind (so profectic was "KANSAS"!! How did they know, that Southern Minnesota would
be "the Place for wind. Especial SOUTH WIND like yesterday.
I got a late start (which "not uncommon" for me) and I started out for Lake Cannon,,,,but as I approached Faribault, I looked at my weather viewying screen and by 3:00 winds weresimmering down to around 17 mph. I quickly made detour and headed just 12 miles further west where the wind was still blowing a steady 26 mph in Waseca.
That's were I enjoyed a couple of Great sailing with my ZETA 5.0 Ezzy sail and my Exocet 100 liter wave board. Which really worked great as a "Weed" board. The weed fin is so racked back and small (31cm) that after schlogging through weed clumps to get out in the middle of the lake (Clear Lake of Waseca) then the speed runs began! I think I was going faster than ever! No problems with weeds as long as I stayed out in the middle of the lake.
I later came in to switch to the bigger board (that was with me), the 115 liter Tabou Rocket and it was rather slow, (I thing because the wind had
weakened a bit. So the old Exocet board was more fun and performed better than the Rocket, at least for this session.
Who else has a sailing session to tell?
Pete: did you go to Cannon yesterday? Was there a good crowd of sailors?
At least share a few details please?

Safe Journeys!
Quetzalcoatl out.
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