"The Legend" (Quetzalcoatl) speaks some words of Wisdom:::

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"The Legend" (Quetzalcoatl) speaks some words of Wisdom:::

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The "Stilling" effect of Climate Change is still upon us. I (Quetzalcoatl, God of Wind and Wisdom) have very little wind to offer, but yes some
wisdom. I myself still HAVE NOT windsurfed since the Fourth of July. (That was a good 6.0 meter sailing day). But now Weekend Wind seems to always
offer at it's best around 10 to 14 mph in Minnesota. Clear Lake, IA may reach 17ish on Saturday...but that's a lot of wishing.
I've gotten back into sailboating on Sunday....my 22 ft. Catalina with my 91 year old dad. "We were sailing in 8 mph wind and got excited about that! Sailing in the sailboat inspired us to sing songs (Klingon Opera mostly) and some fishing boats moved away from us. I haven't sailed the sailboat for three years! I've been on my "Self Windsurfing Tour" during these last three years. Last year, I did get in about 35 windsurfing sessions from mid April to Dec. 18th 2020. This year (2021), I think I've only Windsurfed seven times?
I can only suggest that if you want to keep windsurfing on at least once a week basis, Get a Big windsurfing Formula board a a jumbo sail (9.5 to an 11 meter sail). With this rig you will Hydro-plane in as little as 9 mph maybe 8 mph wind.
It's really kind of fun to water-start out in the middle of the lake with a jumbo sail. It really isn't hard at all. You just barely fly the sail (over your head) at that humungous sail just "Sucks you up" right onto the board! No special waterstart steps involved.

Well, that's all for now and "Keep Hope Alive!"

Safe Journeys. ("Windsurfing on the Rise!!")

Quetzalcoatl ("The Legend") out.
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