Waseca Wailed for Wind on Sun. July 4th....

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Waseca Wailed for Wind on Sun. July 4th....

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Hello Windsportsers,

Sunday, was windier than expected on Clear Lake of Waseca, MN. Doug W. was already tearing up the lake at close to 30 mph on a 6.5 sail and
a Mistral something when I drove by the lake. I clocked him on my car speedomitor as I drove a parrallel Northwest stretch of the road. Wind was in the 20's all day, some bigger gusts. I rigged a Panther 6.0 Ezzy as Doug came in and said he's rigging down to a 6.0 meter.
I was on a Techno 112 liter board (I'm told This is one of Randy Johnson's favorite boards, that why I bought one) well actually I have two of 'em.
Got to keep a spare tire (spare board).
Waterstarts were SO easy in this "STRONG" wind. Yes, The Clear Lake in Waseca is extremely WEEDY! But that's no problem with a good weed fin.
After about two hours. I came in for water and food. Then when I out again and as I was walking backwards with board in left hand and sail in right hand,an excited lady approached me and asked if She could help me? Ahh,,I said, "Thank you but it's just easier this way (by myself) and actually when conditions are more favorable (lighter wind) you can come some day and try windsurfing." She said that she and her family were anxious to watch me sail. I quickly mounted board and fell off the board. The second beachstart was good and I quickly cruised through (bad mistake)
a major weed bed (bad mistake) because, maybe I waved to that family or something but I got catapulted right into the massive nebula of weed!
So, the family watched me struggle for ten minutes trying to waterstart with massive weed entanglement around my leg and body and sail picking up a ton of weed. Finally a big of gust picked me up and I (with nowI have a "Weed Costume" on) scholgged away for deeper water with everything covered in weed.
That family left, (I hope they saw me get of the weeds).
Anyway in deeper water I cleaned off the weed and then only sailed for about 20 more minutes.

So, the first session of the day was great (I stayed clear of weedbeds)! Second session was not so good.

I will try to just remember the first half of day.

The Humbled Weedsailor (aka: Quetzalcoatl) out. Oh, Pete G. sailed with Gregg at Big Spirit Lake, IA, and Chad sailed Eagle Lake.

How about some thoughts, stories and details about your session on the 4th of July?
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