Eagle lake rocked with Five pelicans cruzing overhead

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Eagle lake rocked with Five pelicans cruzing overhead

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Sunday, June 5th, 2021 Eagle Lake, (North side) wind was blowin so good, that I sailed JP 96 liter all ride with 6.0 Ezzy Panther for two hours.

Then stayed with same sail, but switched to Techno 112 liter which gave me one of my best sessions ever! after being on the 96 liter, the Techno
112 was a breeze! (pun intended). Yeah, it felt like a floaty board.

When I de-rigged, besides several bald eagles flying about,,,a squadron of big white pelicans swooped in..just planning and changing formations

about 40 ft. above me. I've seen these same pelicans in South Padre Island many times. It's kind of special to see them here in Minnesota.

Well I gotta go!
Quetzalcoatl out.

I do Believe that Windsurfing is on The Rise!
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