OK.."Time for a Story....(Last Friday, I found some wind)...

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OK.."Time for a Story....(Last Friday, I found some wind)...

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Well,,,,,,Last Friday, the wind forecast got downgraded to 10-15 mph in most locations. But....around 3:00pm I discovered (and this was
a recent change in the forcast) that Fairmont (on Budd Lake) was windy! Yeah,,, 20 mph at 6:00 pm. So, I jumped in the Surf mobile and headed West.
I got some! Lake was full of two foot whitecaps, so I figured wind could die down a bit when I get on the water so, I rigged my 6.9 Ezzy panther and used my 120 liter RRD Z-ride board.
What a nice Sunset Sesh. Just a few motor boards (a couple pantoon boats) coming through the inter lake channel and people eating outside at
the Channel Inn Bar and Grill. They were watching ME! as I zig zaged back and fort hin this 2000 foot wide Northern bay partof the the lake.

I got a good two hours of sailing in. At 9:00 pm there was still plenty of light out. I fust love the long summer evenings.

Quetzalcoatl out. (Sometimes it's a bit of a search to wind, but it sure pays off when Ya do!) Someday I want to sail in Denmark. I think they always of wind there.
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