Introduction: Please read prior to posting

Stay connected in the wind. This forum is for anyone who rides the wind, winter or summer, on whatever board suits their fancy. Share the stoke, find out where people are going, ask any question, share your discoveries, and discuss any esoteric idea you may have related to the pursuit of wind. Please keep it positive.

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Introduction: Please read prior to posting

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PLEASE NOTE: If you registered but didn't get back a notice of activation, please contact us directly. We get many bogus/spam registrations and we don't always do the best job filtering them.

Chat is Minnesota's online, wind passionate community.

Anyone can read through the postings, though you must be registered to add a new topic or reply. When you try to add to the dialog it will ask for a user ID and Password. If you've registered, login. If not register via the link in the upper left corner. It is quick, free and easy!

For those of you who want to participate in our forum, we have a few rules :

Keep the stoke positive. No bitching. The wind and/or life doesn't always treat us the way we like, but bitching about it to others does nothing to release that.

No swearing. Not needed, not wanted.

No selling of equipment, services or promotions in Chat, go to Classifieds for that.

Anyone registered can post on Lakawa Forums. The only requirement is if you have an association with a business or company, your Signature in your Profile has to reflect it. Only fair to let the community know that your opinion may be biased because of this connection.

If you want to use Lakawa's pages to promote or sell anything, please support what we are doing. Not required, only seems fair though.

Please respect the fact that we run a kiteboarding school and store. If you are a competitor, please choose other methods to promote yourself.

Respect others.

We have the right to delete, move, or edit anyone's post that we feel is inappropriate for whatever reason.

Here are some features of LAKAWA Chat:
Dialogs are listed in chronological order on the main page. You can see how many replies there have been and how many people have viewed it. Clicking on a topic brings up the detailed text and any replies made.
You can insert images into the postings (image must reside on a server)
Whenever a reply is made to a posting it automatically goes to the top of the list, keeping active dialogs easily available.
The replies are strung together on one or more pages for easier reading.
You can ad a "signature" to your posts via your profile.
You can perform searches on all past postings.

If you need any additional help, check out the FAQ section:
or use the link in the upper right.

We will not give/sell/distribute any registration information you provide.

DISCLAIMER: Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport with the possibility of injury or death to yourself or others. Always follow manufacturer instructions and the directions of a certified kitesurfing instructor or dealer. The information on this site is provided as a guideline for application only if approved by a certified kitesurfing instructor or dealer for your specific equipment and ability level., Lakawa, Lakawa School of Kiteboarding and all related titles herein referenced as assumes no liability for user application of information herein and any application of the above information is at your own risk. Please ride responsibly and within your limits! Your responsible approach to the sport secures: your safety, your gear, the safety of others, and our riding locations.

Use of information and services - Terms of Service

The information provided on is intended only as a reference. does not certify or endorse any companies listed on the site. assumes no responsibility for any consequence resulting from any action or inaction taken based on the information, services or other material on this site.

Any lake or beach descriptions provided by serve as a general guide and what to expect. But, because the character of water-bodies and their surroundings can change significantly in a day, month or year, the information should not be regarded as an exact description of what you will experience on a given day. It is the responsibility of each person to find out what lies ahead and be able to deal with situations as they arise.

Kitesurfing/kiteboarding in water, on land or snow, around obstacles in any kind of conditions is inherently risky. Each individual is responsible for his/her own safety. The authors of the beach descriptions and directions on the are in no way responsible or liable for any loss of life or property that may occur when kitesurfing/kiteboarding. For more information get proper instruction and read the manuals for all your gear, referring to the manufacturer.

Wind is unpredicatable and equipment failures can happen at any time.

Commercial uses of are strictly prohibited unless prior written consent from has been granted. You agree that you will not use for chain letters, junk mail, 'spamming', solicitations (commercial or non-commercial) or bulk communications of any kind including but not limited to distribution lists to any person who has not given specific permission to be included in such a list.

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